ADSR Sounds Modulation Effects Chorus Flanger Phasers TUTORiAL


ADSR Sounds Modulation Effects Chorus Flanger Phasers TUTORiAL

Along with delay and reverb, modulation effects help add width and depth to a mix as well as animating static sounds. While you are probably familiar with these classic effects it’s easy to get confused by which is which and when to use them.

In this course we will go deep into the difference between them and how they are best applied to a mix. We will also look at their creative use in sound design and pushing them beyond their conventional use.

The effects of chorus, flanger, and phasor can all be made to sound quite similar to each other, and can all add cyclic movement, warmth and motion to the tone of the sound and can adjust the stereo width, but they are each capable of producing very different results.

Taking some time to experiment with these different effects you will get to know the character of each, when to use them, and on what material to apply them to.


Watch, Listen and Learn – our easy to follow video instruction gives you essential production knowledge
6 walkthrough videos show you exactly how, when and why to make use of key modulatione ffects

► Introduction & Chorus I
► Chorus II – Practical examples in the mix
► Flanger I
► Flanger II, practical examples
► Phaser I
► Phaser II, practical examples

Total runtime 90 minutes


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