Audioutlaw NoisR ALP

Audioutlaw NoisR ALP

Tempo Synced Noise Design for Ableton Max for Live

NOISR – Automatic Noise Generator-Noise Designer
NOISR provides time adjustable pulsating selectable noise bursts.
A Multimode filter provides the main sound design engine.
It’s Kandisnky inspired ADSR is unique and intuitive.
A light emitting Limiter prevents your noise from causing speaker damage.
MIDI control. A Lemur for iPad template for dedicated hands-on control.

The original tempo synced noise generator for Ableton Max for Live.
With Noisr you can generate noise bursts that range from Short Percussive bursts (like a shaker) to long risers and fillers.

NoisR uses a slightly different approach to synthesis. Very much like a modular synth oscillator, NoisR does not require a note on to start playing. Just press the play button on your Ableton transport and start selecting your noise waveform. Choose from White noise, Pink, Brown, Mechanical Noise, Electric Noise, Crowd noise, etc!

The Kandinsky inspired ADSR’s can be used to shape the timing and dimension of your sound. Then apply NoisR’s multimode filter to further shape your results.
If you are a Lemur for IPad user then download the template and go to town controlling NoisR from your IPad!

A must-have for the creative Ableton producer.


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