Bigwerks Dark Energy Kontakt Library

Bigwerks Dark Energy Kontakt Library

DARK ENERGY Kontakt Library !

This library has over 300 EPIC sounds (16 categories) professionally designed for multiple genres of music! Categories include: flutes, dark fx, cinematic drums / percs, atmospheric textures, vocals and much more.

Dark Energy… A Little Bit Of Everything.

This library can be used to create movie scores, hip hop, trap, r&b, pop music and many other genres.

Dark Energy Kontakt Library Has 16 Instrument Categories…

This library also has a intuitive interface with an array of effects which allows you to customize each instrument as you desire!

Instruments include:

Arps, bases, bells, brass, choirs, dark fx.
Drones/atmospheric textures, drums/percs.
Flutes, guitars, pianos, pads, plucks.
Strings, leads, vox.

FX include:

Amp envelope, filter envelope, lfo, filter, glitch, chorus, custom reverb.
Delay, phaser, eq, glide controls & arpeggiator.


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Size: 4.5 GB
Published: May 2, 2019