Dark Harmony Timelapsed Sky KONTAKT

Dark Harmony Timelapsed Sky KONTAKT

Timelapsed Sky is a powerful and easy to use tool for creating leads, pads, and basses for all types of electronic music. It utilizes the new Kontakt 5.5 functions for tempo syncing and filter changing straight from the GUI.

Whether you are looking to create leads that cut through your mix, beautiful airy pads, dance floor basses, or even Filter LFO “wub-wub” noises, Timelapsed Sky has you covered.

– 20 Soundbanks Recorded at 96khz 24bit
– Dual Soundbank Mixing
– Large easy to use GUI
– Filter, Volume, Pan and Tune LFO functions, with Inversion
– Volume/Filter ADSR Envelope
– Tempo Synced Speed and Timing Controls
– Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay, and Convolution Reverb
– Pitch Bend Control with Inversion
– EQ Balancer
– Lo-Fi
– Play Mode Control: Normal, Chord, and Glide
– Preset tools menu
– All 64 standard filter types
– All 633 standard convolution presets


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