Max for Cats Noland v2.0 ALP


Max for Cats Noland v2.0 ALP

Noland consists of 3 Max for Live devices: the Noland I and II synthesizers and the NolandFX audio effect. Two unique synths and harmoniser effect for singular and surprising sounds.

A creative XY gesture-controlled poly synth with unique automation and colour settings.

Noland II is a unique and innovative instrument – it is a sonic map waiting to be discovered. Instead of sliders or knobs, Noland can be controlled completely with individual, automatable XY pads. Each XY pad controls one or several parameters at the same time. On the filter XY pad for example, the X-axis controls the cutoff while the Y-axis controls the resonance.
Instantaneous unique synth sounds with fun gesture control.

Once you’ve placed the mouse cursor over an XY pad, your mouse movements are recorded the moment you hold down the mouse button. The recording of your movement stops, when you release the mouse button.

When activating the checkbox in an XY pad’s lower right corner, your movements are played back as they were recorded. Automation movements can be sped up or slowed down relative to the global speed control.

At its heart, Noland II uses a powerful morphable oscillator, a morphable mulit-mode filter, a waveshaping sub-oscillator, several effects and classic ADSR envelopes to shape the sound.

Noland II features:

Overhauled sound engine and new effects
Fully integrated with Push (both versions in Live 10)
XY/gesture pads now also fully MIDI controllable or automatable via Live 10
A high quality oscillator with morphable waveforms
A suboscillator with waveform shaping filter types
Soft distortion and noise
Built-in mod phaser, chorus, bit reduction and reverb
Built-in LFO with several waveforms
Two classic envelopes for filter and amplitude
CPU optimised
all new presets
ready for Live 10


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