Orange Tree Samples Evolution Stratosphere v1.1.65 KONTAKT

Orange Tree Samples Evolution Stratosphere v1.1.65 KONTAKT

When we introduced our line of guitar sample libraries in 2008, it represented a stunning leap forward in sampled guitar realism. Today, you’ll find the Evolution line of guitars and basses in final productions of numerous movie and television scores, trailers, games, even pop hits. Evolution Stratosphere represents the fifth generation of the Evolution guitar engine and incorporates refinements that provide unparalleled realism and more intuitive play..

Change list: (BUILD 1.1.65)

1. Polybend.

We’re rolling out a new feature we’re calling “Polybend”, which adds the capability for polyphonic pitch bends within a single instance of a library. This addition should be particularly useful for MIDI guitar users or people using MIDI controllers such as TouchKeys, LinnStrument, or the ROLI Seaboard.
2. Fifteen new reverb pedals.

We’ve added fifteen additional reverb pedal options, totaling 68 new impulses.

3. Fixed strumming pattern sync.

As you might have experienced, there were sync issues when playing strumming patterns while changing the BPM of the song. Over the course of a few measures, the pattern would gradually go out of sync. We’ve fixed this issue, and the strumming patterns should now stay in sync, despite subtle or extreme BPM changes.

Evolution Stratosphere .v1.1.65 KONTAKT.part1.rar – 1024.0 MB
Evolution Stratosphere .v1.1.65 KONTAKT.part2.rar – 1024.0 MB
Evolution Stratosphere .v1.1.65 KONTAKT.part3.rar – 593.4 MB

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