PUREMIX How To Listen Compression Edition TUTORiAL


PUREMIX How To Listen Compression Edition TUTORiAL

PUREMIX How To Listen Compression Edition TUTORiAL

In this pureMix.net Exclusive, Fab Dupont returns to the How To Listen Series. This time, It’s the Compression Edition.

Compressors are one of the most valuable tools we have as engineers. Offering us the ability to control dynamics and shape the tone and behavior of the source material.

But can you really hear what your compressor is doing?

Over the course of this 40-minute tutorial, Fab will show you how to:

Listen to dynamics not only as levels but as frequency changes
Send elements further back or forward in your mixes to increase depth
Add consistency to drum performances
Identify the behavioral differences between famous compressors.

After teaching you how to hear the differences, Fab will give you a quiz, where you will have to identify the difference between 4 popular compressors on Bass Drums, helping you to add the sonic signature of multiple compressor settings and styles to your sonic memory.

Learn techniques and approaches to compressing vocals, drums, and one of the most overused applications for compressors, 2-Bus Compression; from Fab Dupont.

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