Silence+OtherSounds Stringache KONTAKT

Silence+OtherSounds Stringache KONTAKT

Stringache is a modern horror library of mangled string noises. We’ve used close microphone techniques to record a huge deal of violin stabs and screeches, pizzicatos, cello staccatos, double bass jetè, crescendos, strident string gestures, bowed noises: all of them have been heavily processed and transformed in unsettling, hair-raising cinematic horror effects.

Stringache is for the contemporary composer of horror cinematic music: whenever you need a subtle violin effect to create tension, a rising cluster effect to grab the audience’s attention or a screaming, ear piercing string screech stab, Stringache will be your weapon.

Stringache also comes with a large set of original recordings of double bass, cello, viola and violin (270+ .wavs 96 kHz 24-bit). These sounds have been treated with a very transparent process of EQ and de-noising and you can use them as construction elements to create your own sound effects.

Stringache comes with a custom Kontakt UI (14 Instruments) to further manipulate the sounds.


  • 6 folders of high resolution and ROYALTY free sounds.
  • 570+ sounds in total (96 kHz 24-bit .wav).
  • Dark cellos and double bass jetè.
  • Crescendos and mangled rising clusters (cello, viola, violin).
  • Twisted string gestures.
  • Piercing high note screeches and jump scares.
  • Rhythms and clocks.
  • Construction kit of 270+ source recordings (double bass, cello, viola and violin).


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