Sonic Academy How To Use Chromaphone 2 with 2Scoops TUTORiAL


Sonic Academy How To Use Chromaphone 2 with 2Scoops TUTORiAL

This week Sonic Academy welcomes back LA-based producer Noah Koroman aka 2Scoops for a new ‘How To Use’ course – and this time he’s checking out Applied Acoustic Systems Chromaphone 2.

This cool and incredibly organic sounding VST is a Percussion Synthesizer that can create authentic tuned and unpitched percussion, along with other instruments, from scratch meaning you can create and design your own completely unique sounds instead of using samples.

The sound engine features two resonators, each of which has eight possible modes: open and closed tube, marimba, beam, membrane, plate, string and manual modes. These resonators may be used in parallel (ie. independently), or coupled so that each modulates the other. Chromaphone then uses mallet and noise modules that simulate the difference in sound between soft and hard beaters giving you a multitude of outcomes and timbres.

In this two-part course, 2Scoops firstly checks out the user interface and how the synth works demonstrating some of the presets before moving on to using Chromaphone on a track, shaping his own sounds for bass, leads and percussion.

Chromaphone literally means ‘colourful sound’, and this plugin lives up to its name. From a ‘plink’ of a short string to the crash of a detuned gong it’s a highly versatile and inspirational piece of software.

And with over 300 presets at your disposal too, it’s a whole load of fun!

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