WA Production Pumping Summer Bundle [Win-Mac]

WA Production Pumping Summer Bundle

Are you ready to take full control over your sound? Then let your audio quality soar to revolutionary new heights with the W. A. Production Pumping Summer Bundle.
This exclusive bundle will save you a total of 80%, giving you more control of your sound and your wallet.
Pumper is a master of trades all in one audio tool which provides you with killer options to send your mix above and beyond. Inside this compact plugin, you can tame compression, saturation, and stereo imaging. You can use this amazing plugin on individual channels or on the master bus. It’s so versatile it can be used for any style of music.
Next up is the Helper plugin. Another compact multi-use plugin designed to expand the dimension of your mix. Offering an EQ with 5 filters, a saturation tool that can handle 5 different types of audio signal, and a way to conquer transient response without affecting the master level.
And let us finalize your mix with a tool for mastering. The King. Loaded with a 5 band compressor, a built-in limiter, upward and downward compression, input/output gain, and a magic EQ that will give your final track royalty status, you’ll see why we named it The King.
The Pumping Summer Bundle by W. A. Production will not only give you total tonal control, it will make your mix a true summer scorcher. Remember The Pumping Summer Bundle is a Plugin Boutique exclusive offer and will only be available for a limited time.
Pumper will give you flawless high-end studio sound. Pumper also gives you a numerical readout, so you can always visualize the amount of any effect you are using. With a user-friendly interface and easy to use features you can tame high frequencies, as well as control the low-end with the Compressor. The Input knob also works as distortion. This option allows you to blend between the Input and the Saturator. Using all 3 of the features at once is a powerful and amazing experience.
– Intuitive interface
– Smooth compression algorithm
– Gain reduction frequency shaping
– Analog style rich and easy to use saturation
– M/S based stereo expander – wide stereo image
– Accurate and punchy Compressor with 4 variations
The Helper Series are designed to show your mixing game who is in control. These vital mixing tools will take over your mixing tool arsenal.
Helper Equalizer is a versatile equalizer plug-in that offers more options in configuring the perfect E.Q. to your mix.Helper Saturator is an audio effect VST plugin professionally designed to apply saturation to the audio signal.
By expanding and offering more features and functionality we assure you this is no simple and ordinary saturation plugin.
Helper Transients can process 5 different kinds of audio signals from the audio source itself. This means that the user can set it to affect only the original audio source, the mid, the side, the left or the right of the audio source. This brings a new realm of endless possibilities.
– Clean up the mud in your mix
– Get crispy high end on your leads
– 5 filter modules
– Tube distortion
– Tape distortion
– Clean transient processing
– Low Pass and High Pass filters
The King
The King is a Dynamically Enhanced Multi-Band Compression Plug-In designed for Mastering. We went above and beyond and rather than give you the standard 3 band EQ, we put 5 EQ controls at your fingertips. You are also able to adjust the amount of Threshold of each individual band as well as the Makeup gain of each individual band. This will give you an amazingly clear and professional sound that will please the ears of not only the producer but the listener.
– 5 Band Threshold knobs
– 5 Band Make Up Gain knobs
– Input/ Output Gain
– Upward Compression Knob, Downward Compression Knob
– Release Time knob
– Overall Plug-In Mix knob
– Magic EQ with 3 different Shapes/ Curves
– And a built-in Limiter
Beat the high outdoor temps and heat up your tracks with the W. A. Production Pumping Summer Bundle exclusively for Plugin Boutique.

System Requirements

– Mac OSX 10.7 and later (32 & 64-bit)
– Audio Units (AU)

– VST3

– Windows 7 and later (32 & 64-bit)

– VST3

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