Zenhiser Xtreme Dubstep Variations WAV


Zenhiser Xtreme Dubstep Variations WAV

Zenhiser Xtreme Dubstep Variations WAV

Xtreme Dubstep Variations delivers something fresh and exciting for all you Dubstep freaks. Comprised of power driven hooks and supercharged one shot samples this Dubstep pack concentrates on particular sounds and creates multiple options by stripping down elements to the bare bones. It’s a wealth of dirty basses, punchy beats and screaming synths.

Xtreme Dubstep Variations brings you an ultra rare sound collection of epic proportions, these must have 348 Dubstep sounds are designed for aspiring producers and seasoned professionals alike. With the elements delivered by separation you can use them as you wish, in total, or twist, warp, chop and mix till your heart is content. Xtreme Dubstep Variations really is a hands on pack, it’s an exciting sound palette designed to inspire Dubstep producers and lift their musical game.

Whether you’re into Dubstep, Complextro or Drumstep, this Zenhiser pack will lift your future tracks from luke warm to smokin’ hot.

Xtreme Dubstep Variations includes:

Dubstep Bass Hits – 54
Dubstep Basslines – 49
Dubstep Drum Loops – 71
Dubstep Drums – Kicks – 25
Dubstep Drums – Hi Hats – 10
Dubstep Drums – Claps – 25
Dubstep Drums – Snares – 15
Dubstep Drums – Toms – 5
Dubstep Drums – Rides – 6
Dubstep Drums – Crashes – 10
Dubstep FX & Stabs – 22
Dubstep Synth Loops – 56


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